Custom Cigars for Weddings

Custom Cigars for Weddings

On your wedding day you should not forget to distribute cigars among your guests or add a professional cigar binder live. It is a tradition that is usually carried out by the best man of the wedding, he is in charge of distributing among men the cigars or cigars.

There are several ways to add custom cigars on the day of your wedding or event. Also very cheap and simple. One of them is adding the cigar binder or cigar corner perfect to create a meeting point for all those smokers and tobacco enthusiasts or simply creating stickers to place them on cigars. Either of the two options are fully valid to customize your wedding cigars.

Our wedding cigar binders are able to make and roll all wedding cigars in just a few hours. This type of service is usually the most suitable, since you will not spend too much on cigars and articles for smoking, and are also fully customizable, choosing the taste from the tobacco leaf, as well as the length of the same or the adhesive cheer.

If you opt for adhesive cheering, it is true that it is also economical. But in the end you’ll be buying a lot more cigars than your wedding is going to need. Throwing money away and not being able to take advantage of it for other kinds of services.

For the same price you can have a cigar binder making an exquisite leaf but only the necessary ones.

On the other hand, you also save time, as having to make, cut and paste the design yourself into each cigar can be a tedious task. And

With us you can choose and totally customize all the cigars. As they are all done live and we have a wide range of flavors and lengths.

You can contact us through the email or call us directly to the number that appears in Contact.

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