How to choose the cigar for weddings

How to choose the cigar for weddings

Many are the boyfriends who ask us for tobacco, cigars for celebrations, that pure put at weddings or even if something happens if you do not put cigars in your celebration



· Putting fake cigars: It’s really crappy and you look like one. It is better not to put cigarettes than to put something fake to pretend, any amateur with some sight and taste will quickly catch the deception and you will be portrayed.

· Bad Tobacco: We are not talking about price but quality, as recently excellent premium tobacco has appeared at a very competitive price.

· Oversize and/or Fortress: In this type of event, less is more. Smoking time is time your guests will spend apart from the rest of the party. In turn, many of them will be unusual smokers and sticking a stake in an hour and a half of smoking or an excessively strong tobacco will lead them to end up leaving the cigarette in half and end up with a bad memory.

· Put a superpremium Cigar: It’s as bad an understatement as it is.



· Go to a cellar and let yourself be advised. A cellar is like a cellar, the tobacco is perfectly cared for and the cigar holder will advise you.

· Choose more than one format: If you choose an apr of different cheers, a small and medium filly the range of smokers multiplies.

· There are not only cigars: If they are the best known but not always the best for these cases. Dominicans, Honduran Nicaraguans, Mexicans. There are many options to value.

· Put a cigar binder: enabling a section of cigars in a proper place, apart from being elegant and beautiful, allows not to distribute cigars to all attendees and fans have a meeting point and enjoy their passion.

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