Cigar corner for wedding

Cigar corner for wedding

Different pieces of furniture can be used to create a cigar corner, such as a small liquor table, an old sideboard or stations created for the occasion. The size and quality of these places for smokers of a wedding will be determined by the budget of the couple, since they can be stocked with a wide range of cigarettes and, above all, cigars: from Montecristo Open, Romeo & Julieta to Cohiba Behike. We are talking about cigars ranging from 3 to 36 euros/unit.

If you like the cigar station idea of cigars and cigars, it is important to keep in mind the basic accessories that are needed to make the experience optimal: A humidor or a tray to present the cigars (the boxes themselves also serve perfectly), torch lighters or matches (matches prevent the gas from the lighter from altering the aroma of the cigar) , cigar cutters and ashtrays. Well-known personalities of the press of the fatherland have placed a corner of the smoker in their weddings, as Rafael Medina and Laura Neighbor who opted for a corner with assortment of Cohiba VI century; or Carla Goyanes and Jorge Benguria who chose Wide Churchills cigars by Romeo & Julieta in a cirgar corner decorated by the interior designer Luis Gª Fraile.

But if you already want to go a step further, and not only offer a corner for the smoker but a whole unique and unforgettable experience, you can hire a professional liador of pure artisans who will be crafting each cigar by hand and live, captivating the guests (smokers) more demanding and snobbish.

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