Live Cigar Corner and Cigar Rolling Service.

Cigar Rolling Service for
Special Ocassions

Any type of event or party is ideal to accompany it with our service, a birthday, a dinner of friends or a wedding.


Cigar corner

A cigar corner where a tobacco ambassador makes live cigars for you and your guests, is something sensational and unique.


Cigar Roller for
Coporate Events

For companies, parties or for events. Live cigar rolling service that is made in front of the guest.



For years, in “Cigar Roller” we have held events of different nature, Our Reputation has been based on trust and good work !!, a 5-star customer service, totally personalized.
Handcrafted with a tobacco blend to make them smooth and easy to smoke.
From the most expert to those who try a cigar for the first time.


We are excited to share the Cigar Rolling experience with our clients and make them part of the event, with educational information and encouraging them to participate … even if they dare to do the cigar themselves.


Cigars are Universally known for a Symbol of Celebration, Success and above all Good Times.
Also … We all know someone who always enjoys a good Cigar.


You can add a personalized Band on each Cigar with Logo, Name, Slogan, or anything you want to share or promote and make a normal event something Memorable.


With Our “Torcedor”… being a tobacco ambassador, you will enjoy something totally different and above all, very original.

Cigar Roller Corner weddings


solve your doubts

1.What is a Cigar Roller?

A Cigar Roller is the artist of the tobacco leaf, who knows how to manipulate it and create from it a symbol of Celebration such as a Cigar.

2. For what type of Events can you Hire?

Almost anyone: Weddings, Corporate Events, Company Parties, Tournaments, Trade Shows, Birthday Parties, Farewells, Fundraising, Luxury Events, Charity Events, Special Occasions, Etc…

3. How long should I hire it?

We recommend having enough time to prepare it with care and affection, in addition to the tobacco to be used.

4. Can I customize my service?

Of course, totally ... from the vitola, cigar size, matches, table, colors, etc ... you can customize anything you imagine.

5. How long does the service last?

What you need, from 1 hour to those that are necessary.

6. Are there age limitations for the service?

Tobacco use is limited for people over 18 in Europe and 21 in the USA, above that age, with no problem.

7. How many cigars are made during the service?

It depends on the time chosen, but there is always a good amount for everyone to enjoy.

8. Is there a Drink Pairing option?

Yes, our tobacco ambassador can offer you to add to your personalized cigar a pairing with high quality spirits, even making them part of the same cigar.